About HillBilly's


HillBilly's is a one-woman show operating out of my home in the high country.

HillBilly's is a collaboration of the many things I have discovered and fallen in love with along my many adventures, and I wanted to create a home for all of it. From my love for leather from riding horses all my life, to the wild rags I discovered when I was training horses in the USA, and the little things that bring those hillbilly moments into my life. 

It's been a wild ride, from my beginnings as a station hand in Australia's top end, to endurance horse racing, travelling with horse trainers in the United States and even driving a combine header. I'll always be a little gypsy and a lot hillbilly, but I now call the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales my home. I enjoy riding my horses in the mountains, listening to a good country song and having a whiskey by the fire at night, and bringing this to you.

I hope all the hillbillies out there find a home here too, just as I have. 

Shalyce x


For the hillbillies - the gypsies, the cowboys and cowgirls, the roamers, the drifters, the townies, the city slickers, the hunters, and the hideaways.

You all belong here.